We won an award last night at a local advertising competition.

Great, you’re still reading.

I wouldn’t blame you if that opening sentence sent you scurrying elsewhere. But I’m actually not writing this post to brag (OK, maybe a little).

When it comes to awards, bragging is rather pointless. Everyone in this business wins awards—tall ones, short ones, gold ones, translucent ones. Some are more prestigious than others. Some are laughably inane (I mean, seriously, how exciting or essential is it to win in the “fractional-black-and-white-ad-with-a-headline-that-starts-with-the-letter-S-or-Q” category?).

So why do I feel winning at the Milwaukee 99 is particularly satisfying and blog-worthy?agchat foundation logo milwaukee 99 award winner

Two reasons.

First, the competition is usually a haven for trendy consumer work. Most winning entries feature arty photos and irreverent headlines you wouldn’t want your grandmother to read.

Second, we were fortunate enough to win for agricultural work. Specifically, we won for a logo designed by our colleague, Jen Wallace, for the AgChat Foundation℠.

And since AgChat’s mission is to help bridge the gap between agriculture and consumers, winning felt especially nice. In fact, it supported that very mission. Who knows, maybe winning the award made some consumer ad exec linger a little longer over her appetizers and think, “A farmer made these possible.”