social search and seo for google plus

Although Google+ and Facebook share many similarities, the differences Google+ offers can benefit ag marketers in big ways.

You could argue that Facebook is a rowdy carnival with gazillions of games and a variety of voices all clamoring to be heard. If Facebook is a carnival, Google+ could be compared to the exclusive gentlemen’s clubs of bygone eras. Google+ users tend to be early-adopters and society influencers with a desire to showcase their experience and network with like-minded individuals.

As the early adopters of our industry, we as ag communications professionals can use Google+ to connect with key people and stay abreast of important trends.

Benefit #1: Connections
Facebook claims 800 million active users. Frankly, it’s a jungle out there.

Google+ reports only 40 million users, not all of whom are active. Fewer users means you have much better odds of bumping elbows with truly early-adopting, influential people—they’re much easier to find on Google+ than on Facebook.

Ag marketers on Google+ have the opportunity to connect with anyone from the head of Dell computers to local bloggers—giving us the chance to network with people we might not normally get to in other circumstances.

Benefit #2: Organization
The circles feature of Google+ allows you to neatly and intuitively organize your new connections. As an ag marketer, you might decide to create circles for ag media, ag influencers, producers and agri-businesses, people to watch, etc.

Have something to share with your ag media connections? You have the ability to share a post with only members of your “ag media” circle. Want to check out the latest buzz? Click on members of your “ag influencers” or “people to watch” circles to avoid lots of scrolling through your home stream.

Benefit #3: Ideas and Information
Google+ is attracting people from a wide variety of industries, from agriculture to computer programming to journalists. What better place to uncover new insights or find fresh ideas?

In addition, participating on Google+ puts you where your audiences are. Progressive producers are using their Google+ profiles to promote their businesses and add depth to their existing online presence. Journalists have already added Google+ to their list of social media outlets to trawl for news stories.

Connecting with your audiences on Google+ can help you begin building relationships and discovering the issues and trends that matter to them.

Another great way to find information using Google+ is through social search—a personalized experience that highlights content such as blogs, Websites and news articles that are unique to you and have been recommended by your connections across social networks or the Google’s +1 button.

Connections, organization, and ideas and information are just three of many benefits ag marketers may find by using Google+. How have you leveraged Google+ to expand your access to key people and trending topics?