Bacon flagBacon seems to make everything taste better. It’s salty and smoky. It has texture (crispy or chewy) and shrinks up to our delight when it’s cooked. What’s not to like about bacon?

I’ll tell you what’s not to like: everyone trying to piggy-back on the bacon craze.

The latest example comes from a well-known fast food chain. In addition to a handful of limited-time-only menu items, Burger King is launching an ice cream sundae topped with fudge, caramel and bacon crumbles and impaled with a spear of bacon. While some baconistas undoubtedly think this is merely a move from good to great, I find it to be the crispy piece that broke this camel’s back.

Until recently, we’ve done a good job of managing our bacon. State fairs have always been focused on showcasing agricultural prowess, and what better expression of livestock excellence than myriad forms of delicious bacon. Sandwich topping, a la carte, even battered and deep fried. I can embrace that.

More recent answers to “How can I get more bacon into food?” have included bacon crumble chocolate bars, bacon-infused spirits and cocktails. I can tolerate that.

Of course, we’ve been living with bacon-laden fast food for decades, so it’s no surprise that a long-time bacon slinger like Burger King has taken the step from main meal to dessert. But this bacon sundae—this bacon mania—is just too much. Here’s why:

Bacon has always played the supporting roles extremely well: cozied to scrambled eggs? Spot on. Set atop a grilled burger? Oscar-worthy effort. But when my favorite supporting actor turns up in every film … it gets to be tiresome, boring and expected. It makes me think he’s become more interested in cashing checks and less concerned with quality performances. I mean, I like Philip Seymour Hoffman in part because he’s not in every movie in the theater. It’s a treat. I know it will be good. It’s something I look forward to. There’s a sense of moderation that makes it so enjoyable.

Bacon may have already jumped the shark thanks to the bacon sundae. But if we back off the bacon hyperbole in the near future, we might be able to save your bacon. Mine too.